1317 Rosedale Road, Bucca


Did First National McColms meet every aspect of their Written Performance Guarantee? YES What was your final opinion of First National McColms Marketing in the following areas; Office Window Presentation. EXCELLENT Property Signage. EXCELLENT Advertising Options, Effectiveness, flexibility and value. EXCELLENT Internet Presence. EXCELLENT Newspaper Presence. EXCELLENT Neighbourhood pictorial promotion. EXCELLENT What is your final opinion of Madonna Ryan and the sales team in the following areas; Presenting the features and benefits of your home. EXCELLENT Telephone feedback after inspections. EXCELLENT Expressing positive enthusiasm with inspections. EXCELLENT Co-operation, communication and commitment. EXCELLENT Acting in an attentive, polite and professional manner. EXCELLENT Personal presentation and grooming. EXCELLENT Weekly reports, information and helpfulness. EXCELLENT Displaying sound market knowledge. EXCELLENT Handling negotiations on your behalf. EXCELLENT After sale contact and assistance. EXCELLENT What is your final opinion of First National McColms and its support staff in the following areas; Telephone manner, efficient, professional and friendly. EXCELLENT Support staff - knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. EXCELLENT Accuracy of original market value assessment. EXCELLENT Window Display layout, reader friendly and informative. EXCELLENT Office Presentation, professional and functional. EXCELLENT Overall, how would you rate the service you received and the progress towards selling so far? EXCELLENT In what way would you suggest First National McColms and/or staff could improve in service and performance? You all did a good job and was happy with the outcome. Is there anything more we can do to assist you in your relocation? Just keep up the good work. Would you consider using and recommending First National McColms in the future? YES -Ms L Hayward.