Local Business Receives National Recognition at Parliament House

Monday 31 May 2021

First National Real Estate’s highest achievers were presented with national General Excellence and Marketing Awards at The Great Hall of Parliament House, Canberra, on Saturday night.

National Chairman, David Lovell, said he is thrilled with the wave of enthusiasm that led to the largest turnout at a First National convention in the network’s history.

‘To see nearly 550 members celebrate their 2020 successes in The Great Hall of Parliament House, after the immense pressure of the COVID pandemic, is an absolute watershed moment for First National Real Estate’ said Mr Lovell.

‘I am proud to have witnessed not only the extraordinary efforts made last year by individuals, but also the way principals throughout the country reached across borders to support each other during the most trying COVID restrictions. We truly have a uniquely supportive culture at First National and this is what enables people to be their best.’

On the night, First National McColms received National Awards for:

● Highest Number of Settled Sales - All Offices - Rural
● Highest Gross Sales Commission - All Offices - Rural
● Highest Gain of Properties Under Management - All Offices - Commercial
● Highest Gain of Property Under Management - Medium Offices - Commercial